Police arrest learns from Typhoon

Police arrest learns from Typhoon

World June 20, 2016 14:00

zwolle - Zwolle Police have 'lessons learned' from the commotion that arose after rapper Typhoon standing were held because of his skin color. That Mayor Henk Jan Meijer wrote to the city council.

,, Police regrets that skin color has taken into account in the choice of apprehend. There is open talk about the right to apprehend and the estimation error here is made, 'Meijer writes.

The mayor argues that there is a lot of attention already quite within the police training for what he calls 'multicultural craftsmanship. 'Although prejudices are preventable not 100 percent within the police. The police are looking at how the experience is to exploit the increased awareness of this issue within the police. '
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The arrest of the rapper caused a nationwide riot. Typhoon was checked by police in late May because the officers found the combination of age and, in their eyes, expensive cars and suspicious skin color. The police then went through the dust and spoke to this newspaper an 'error in judgment.'

Typhoon made the incident itself publicized via Instagram. He mentioned this that it is not the first time he was put aside because of his skin color.

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