Poland opposes government

Poland opposes government

World July 20, 2017 22:03

warschau - Singing and with candles in hand protest fifty thousand angry Poland for the presidential palace in Warsaw against Heads of State Andrzej Duda. They find that he must stop the controversial law that unleashes independent judges and makes it a fool of government.

Inadvertently, dozens of women and men flee against the metal shields of police men. Lying, with white roses in hand, they protest against the Polish parliament, which tied up the independence of supreme judges yesterday. 'They killed our precious democracy today,' says one of the ladies.

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Natalia Greniewska, a thirty-year-old blonde, seizes her hands in her hair. 'We can only protest peacefully, do not want to fight the police. 'Hundreds of blue-clad ME'ers watch the scene silently from behind their armor.

A tent camp has arisen against the people's representative, the Sejm. Someone has hung a life-size, fifteen-meter-long Polish flag. But besides the national, red-white two-color, many protesters carry blue European banners.

For many days, thousands of Poland have gone up the street. The liberal opposition, jurists, supreme judges and the European Union are aware of their disapproval. It is known from Brussels that the largest country in Eastern Europe may lose its voting rights or the billion subsidies.

The Supreme Court Supreme Court, Malgorzata Gersdorf, says: 'Appointing Supreme Court judges is against the Constitution. 'Earlier, the Nationalist Government has made this Constitutional Court with illegal methods wing team.

'The strong man behind the government, Jaroslav Kaczynski, is on the way to becoming a dictator,' warns Marcien Florczak, a 30-year-old shaved official from Warsaw. 'Our President Duda is just a puppet. 'In order to ratify his fury, the main branch is wearing a portrait of Kaczynski, which states that it has just broken the' separation of powers ', the basis for independent case law.

Long-running, politically challenged politicians of the ruling PiS party are spatied and offended by evil citizens. The name of their party is literally translated by 'Justice and Justice', precisely those things that they, according to the demonstrators, helped to help with soap. Many do not want to say they. 'But note that those judges are all dirty communists, thieves and boars. '

There are wheelbarrows ready, with the portraits of Kaczynski and his Justice Minister Ziobro. They wear the inscription: 'Some drive the trash can. 'While the ever-increasing crowd shouts,' stop the president in jail. '

Jaroslav Kaczynski himself responded in parliament: 'You of the opposition with your murderous smells murmured my brother's holy name, your villains killed him!' Lech Kaczynski was president when he died in a plane crash in 2010.

His brother should go for therapy because he sees enemies everywhere. Women, Gays, Opposition, Germany, Russia and the European Union, 'said Joanna Krysiak, who dressed as Batman. The two-year-old mother is a psychotherapist and from the port city of Gdansk: 'He can handle me, but I do not think he's seeing his problems. '

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