Pokémonjagers block away Kijkduin

Pokémonjagers block away Kijkduin

Tech August 2, 2016 08:18

- It will just happen: unsuspectingly you drive on a quiet street in Kijkduin, when suddenly all people crying over run with their smartphone in their hand. If you do not know better, you probably think that panic has broken out, but it appears that all the children and adults have thrown almost to your car because they hunt for a Pokémon...

Sunday was the reality for drivers in Kijkduin. They could not drive through all running Pokémon GO addicts and ended up in a real 'Pokéfile. On the images you can see how everyone starts to run, as it appears that the rare Pokémon called Blastoise is nearby. To capture that, players have to actually go to a particular place and time is running out, because they do not stay down long...

Despite warnings from the creators of Pokemon GO, find enthusiastic players in the smartphone game it difficult to monitor their surroundings while catching Pokémon. It also provides other places in the Netherlands for non-before-seen footage.

The police share in Nijmegen on Monday a picture of players who occupy half steps in the park. The officers understand well that it is a fun game, but ask the enthusiasts yet to cause any inconvenience to other park visitors.



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