Pokémonborden Four missing

Pokémonborden Four missing

Tech July 18, 2016 11:39

- The forty Pokémonborden who put the organizers of the marches, have disappeared. The plates were put down to avoid inconvenience of Pokémonjagers.

At key places in the city, the plates were put down when two people walk behind Pokemon. The aim was to take to prevent accidents with circular Pokémonjagers and walkways so visitors easily accessible.

The organization can laugh about the signs have disappeared. 'The hunt is extended from Pokémon to Pokémonborden' said Vierdaagsefeesten-director Teddy Vrijmoet against De Telegraaf. 'It is probably collectors. '
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There is a backorder done thirty plates, which are expected today or tomorrow. The director is afraid that the 'collector' also these signs will take away quickly, 'We make one more attempt.'

Vrijmoet not think that will pose the absence of the boards problems. 'Everyone knows it now. It also adds something: we have a new group of runners again. '

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