'Pilots SU- 24 received no warning '

'Pilots SU- 24 received no warning '

World November 25, 2015 17:15

moscow - The pilots of the Russian SU- 24 which was shot by Turkish F-16s from the air, were not visible or radio warnings from Turkish side before their plane was shot down. That said the surviving pilot Wednesday by Russian media.

The pilots know as the Russian pilot area inside out. He believes it is therefore possible that they got caught in Turkish airspace, TASS news agency drew from his mouth.

Turkey claims the device to have warned ten times when it was on course to enter Turkish airspace. It flew along with a second plane over a mile and for seventeen seconds over Turkish territory, Ankara wrote to the UN Security Council.

US officials believe the Sukhoi SU- 24 in the Syrian airspace was hit by a rocket, after a short time had flown over Turkey.

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