Pilot basic income in Finland

Pilot basic income in Finland

World December 28, 2016 09:39

helsinki - gain from 1 January in Finland in 2000 randomly selected unemployed no unemployment, but a basic income. It is a sum of 560 euros per month and it is not taxed and there are no conditions attached to, so the unemployed may optionally moonlighting.

The 2,000 people who will receive a basic income, do not know it yet. Beneficiaries hear this shortly before the New Year. These are people aged 25 to 28 years who had unemployment benefits in November. They should participate in the trial and may refuse. It is according to Helsinki for the first time that a country such basic income pays on this scale. The trial will last two years.

The Finnish government wants to see a trial or a basic income is more efficient than a benefit and whether the recipients to work more motivated. By the bureaucracy around benefits shrink many unemployed people would be reluctant to take up work, because there will then be deducted from the payment through taxes. Possible embarrassment which falls away to a basic income.

Moreover disappears much paperwork. The unemployed do not have to prove that he is seeking work and the benefits agencies do nothing to control more. If adopt the unemployed, he does it with no one to give up, because no conditions attached to the basic income.

Throughout the world there thinking about the basic income and are made plans to try out, such as the Netherlands, Canada and California. The Indian government is doing research on. In Switzerland rejected a large majority of voters earlier this year, the idea of ​​a basic wage.

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