Pills for Islamic State intercepted

World November 3, 2017 10:03

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The Italian police believe that the 'ndrangheta, the mighty mafia in Calabria, and IS cooperate in this trade. It is impossible for other groups of illegal trade in Gioia Tauro to operate without the permission of the 'ndrangheta'.

The tramadol pills are also known as medicines, but in combination with other components they are very suitable for terrorists or warriors who want to suppress their emotions during the battle. They are therefore also called 'drugs for the warriors.' The one who takes them knows no more fear or fatigue. All of these emotions are suppressed by the pills, especially in combination with other drugs.

Tramadol pills were also found in the terrorists of the attack in Bataclan, Paris. Boko Haram, the Nigerian 'dependence' of IS, would give the pills to their child soldiers before being sent for a run.

The pills that the Italian police seized came from India and were destined for Libya, presumably for the area where IS is active. A pill costs two euros, so the catch of the police has a value of over 48 million euros.

'This catch does not surprise me, because Gioia Tauro's port enters everything,' said the public prosecutor Gaetano Paci of the DDA, the branch of the Italian justice dealing with the fight against the mafia. 'But what worries is that the ndrangheta works with them. We have seen more often that there are contacts between the ndrangheta and criminal organizations in the Middle East. '

Due to the fact that the investigation is still ongoing, the prosecutor can not give too many details about the discovery.

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