Photos show enormous power bus explosions

Photos show enormous power bus explosions

World April 14, 2017 10:33

dortmund - New pictures from after the attack on the team of Borussia Dortmund show how lucky have the players. Only defender Marc Bartra injured his hand and had to undergo surgery, but there were deaths may fall.

The total of three explosions shards flew around. They smashed into cars and homes in the area, about 20 to 30 meters away. Some of the fragments were found at 100 meters distance from the bus.

A fragment pierced with great force in a yellow car, so you can see in the pictures.

Also a wooden garden gate was punched by the explosions. the fence has been partially displaced by the pressure wave.

'The force of the blast was huge,' said Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Ralf J├Ąger Thursday.

According to the German newspaper Bild was using military detonators to make the bombs explode. Probably that remotely with a mobile phone happened.

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The perpetrators still walk around freely. Two suspects were initially arrested still seem nothing to do with the attack have said the prosecution. One of them, a 26-year-old Iraqi, is still solid. He is suspected of being a member of Islamic State.

Marc Bartra got injured in the attack on his radius and remains in hospital. He himself had announced on Tuesday via social media that already again went much better with him.

The Champions League match with AS Monaco was postponed a day and still played Wednesday from 18:45. The French won 2-3 in Dortmund.

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