Philippines: Also in 2017 military exercise with US

Philippines: Also in 2017 military exercise with US

World September 29, 2016 07:39

- The Philippines will next year hold joint military exercises with the United States. That said, the Philippine Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay Thursday. President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday yet that this year's military exercises would be the last.

Yasay said the exercises are planned for 2017 by the previous government and that this agreement is complied with. About 2018 still has to be decided, he said.

Duterte has previously indicated to sail a new foreign policy, independent of the United States, and to strengthen ties with countries such as Russia and China. \'I'm about the Rubicon between me and stabbing across the US,\' Duterte said earlier this week. \'It's a point of no return is possible. \'

The controversial Duterte has since taking office as president earlier repeatedly lashed out hard this year to the US He called President Barack Obama recently a bastard, a statement he later more or less apologized for offering. Said he regretted that his statement \'came across as a personal attack on the US president. \'

Duterte has also brought criticism from the West on the neck because of its anti-drug policy, which mainly consists kill drug traffickers and users. Duterte since June 30, took office has that campaign average claimed more than forty lives daily.

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