Perron adjusted station inaccessible

Perron adjusted station inaccessible

World August 30, 2016 19:03

- The once imperial station of Bad Bentheim, just over the German border with Twente, should become a hub again and is therefore adapted to the requirements of the times; with the remarkable result that the building has become inaccessible to the side of the track.

Rail passengers who bought a ticket to go and able to climb through a window on a chair. The doors of the historic building can not open now the platform is raised by 40 centimeters to wheelchairs to facilitate 'boarding'. Who good on their feet, it orbits the only alternative, but for people with disabilities, the problem increases earlier.

'It has to get worse before it gets better,' said Mayor Volker pans. 'Most people see the humor there on in. 'It seems that the town was a prank baked by silly necks. Causes of disability are multiple clients and lack of consultation. Deutsche Bahn is responsible for the railway, the town owns the station. She wants love to sell. But only when the requested 1.1 million inside can begin rebuilding. Which costs three times.
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     Bad Bentheim station.
     Photo: EPA

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