Penalty for bell ringer

Penalty for bell ringer

World August 18, 2016 23:45

dakar - Secretly filming a corrupt cop is a Senegalese woman come to be a fine. The judge according to the BBC convicted her of corruption to the payment of the equivalent of 220 euros and a suspended prison sentence of one month.

The woman shared on social media video which showed how an agent in capital Dakar stoppeth bribe to get out of a traffic ticket. The authorities then decided not only to prosecute the police officer, but the two women who were in the car.

The judge sentenced the officer to a fine of $ 250 (about 220 euros) and a suspended prison sentence of two months. The other woman arrested Wednesday was in the car, and is also suspected of involvement in corruption.
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Senegalese grab more and more according to the BBC to social media to show abuses. A taxi driver disappeared last 45 days behind bars after a video had surfaced which showed how he drove over a footbridge.

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