Pegida in Antwerp the streets

Pegida in Antwerp the streets

World January 9, 2016 20:07

antwerp - Not only in Cologne, also in the Belgian city of Antwerp is the anti-Islam movement Pegida Saturday went to the streets. Hundreds of people protested there against Islam and the influx of asylum seekers. Also referred to the mass assault in Cologne.

         Among the more than three hundred demonstrators were also Dutch. Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter and the Dutch Pegida activist Edwin Wagensveld held a speech.
Dewinter advocated including for closing mosques and the introduction of a 'halal tax ', arguing that follows a portion of the proceeds of halal products to extremist organizations in Saudi Arabia. He also wants to legalize it self-defense weapons for women.
Elsewhere in Antwerp was both a demonstration against two leftist groups. They campaigned against hate speech and for solidarity with the war refugees.

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