Pedo Sexual farmer gets ten years in jail

Pedo Sexual farmer gets ten years in jail

World April 10, 2017 13:33

sydney - An Australian farmer was sentenced to ten years in prison because of his 'evil' sexual abuse of a boy and animals. The man forced his victim among others to perform sexual acts on a cow, Australian media reported Monday.

The abuse took place many years on a dairy farm in New South Wales. The farmer forced the boy among others to watch as when he had sex with a cow himself. Also had to shower the victim with the man, the reluctant teenager liked that they were friends.

The victim, who is now grown up, earlier still said to be haunted by the traumatic events. Thus began colleagues cows sounds to make when they discovered the previous abuse. The man now struggling with alcohol addiction.

The now 56-year-old farmer was in court in Sydney from his chair when the judge the gruesome details of the abuse was reading. The man looked after his conviction Recall the public gallery. 'Rot in hell,' someone shouted it.

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