Peace FARC and Colombia beckons after 50 years

Peace FARC and Colombia beckons after 50 years

World June 22, 2016 20:03

havana - Now the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC, have pledged to disarm beckons after half a century of political and armed struggle finally peace. Today was the last day of the war, tweeted peace negotiators of the rebel movement Wednesday. The disarmament of the FARC was the last major bone of contention in the peace talks.

The FARC began mid-sixties of the Communist Party in Colombia. The military wing of the party grew into a veritable army of 15 000 soldiers. Initially formed the members a guerrilla movement on the left-ideological basis, but the band was lost with the Communists when the FARC members rushed to the drug trade to finance their attacks on the government in Bogotá.

Came to abduct the rebels of funds by members of the Colombian elite and asking ransom. Colombian population harbored initially some sympathy for the left-wing fighters that changed when the FARC also ordinary citizens took to the grain. That the rebels were guilty of torture and murder, and their ranks are increasingly supplemented by child soldiers did their reputation no good. The UN, Europe and the US put the FARC on the list of terrorist organizations.
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The more the rebels were cornered, how ruthless they seemed to act. Several times hung the government and the rebels to peace talks, but were always unsuccessful. Repeatedly ran a truce lot because right-wing paramilitary groups seized the opportunity to graze their rivals from the FARC. The upcoming peace agreement is therefore depends on the protection of unarmed FARC fighters, experts think. A UN mission will see the official end to hostilities to.

One of the best known members of the FARC's Tanja Nijmeijer (38) from Denekamp. She joined in 2002 as a student at the rebels. Initially they interpreter, later she also took part in the fighting. That was her stand on a US warrant. Nijmeijer moved in 2012 on behalf of the FARC for peace talks in Cuba. Colombia has promised its amnesty, but whether they will go elsewhere freely is unclear.

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