Parents of daughter with Down adopt second child with syndrome

Parents of daughter with Down adopt second child with syndrome

World September 5, 2018 14:32

arkansas - The special story of an American couple from Arkansas passes the whole world. Allison and Andrew Sweatman together have a daughter with Down Syndrome. Recently the couple decided to adopt another child with the same syndrome.

Allison and Andrew were already the proud parents of daughter Rosie. Rosie was born with a heart defect and Down's syndrome. The couple ended up in a medical mill and did not have time to enjoy their new daughter.

As time passed, they began to fantasize more and more about adoption. When the couple encountered Beau they were killed. Beau is a boy with Down's syndrome. His biological parents gave him a better life, after which Allison and Andrew, Beau recorded in their family. This is how Linda News reports.

Allison says that they immediately had a wonderful connection with Beau. Two months after the couple and their daughter Rosie had met Beau, he was allowed to come home with them. 'For the first time we feel that we can really enjoy and have fun. It is hard work, but it is a privilege to care for these children, 'said the proud parents.

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