Painful scandal: thieves replace guns with replicas

Painful scandal: thieves replace guns with replicas

World August 27, 2018 14:00

asuncion - The Paraguayan police have been seriously embarrassed by a major gun robbery. The authorities discovered that dozens of automatic firearms in an arsenal were replaced by replicas of wood and plastic, the BBC reports.

The theft came to light when the guns appeared on the black market. Researchers then took pole height in the arsenal in Capiatá. The police had stored the guns there because they were replaced by newer ones. Thieves were found to have replaced a total of 42 weapons with fake copies.

The head of the weapons store has now been removed from office, but no one has been arrested yet. In Paraguayan media, robbery has already been described as 'the most painful scandal' in the history of the police force in the country. The weapons would have ended up in Argentina and Brazil.

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