Paid sex 'very normal' with models

Paid sex 'very normal' with models

World August 29, 2017 22:09

amsterdam - She is one of the few who dares to speak. Jazz Egger refuses to find 'normal' that models should have sex for money or for a better career. Even minors are being lured, she tells The Telegraph.

She seems a common model: scratched at the age of 13 and worked hard for a beautiful career. Of course there are sacrifices, but you also get a lot of money back: thousands of followers on social media, and a lot of money. Still, that does not make it happy, as Jazz (20) tells her story. She was buried under the reactions of young heroes who recognized it.

According to Egger, 'arrived models' have also been used for shy sex deals, for which millions are sometimes offered. She was also asked for herself. In fact, she was urgently advised to 'just' agree with a proposal for 'intimacy'. But Jazz is a daddy model, she says, not a prostitute. 'I do not want to sell my body that way. '

It begins when she meets an intermediary in an exclusive club, who wants to put her on a ship with Greek millionaires. She refuses Then someone else asks if she accompanies a famous actor, for a dinner. 'Intimacy' was part of the offer. She refuses again: 'I'm a model, no escort. '\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n    \n    \n   \n     Photo: Jazz Egger / Instagram\n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n    \n    \n   \n     Photo: Jazz Egger / Instagram

Then it goes wrong. The middleman, one George, is angry. 'This is the most normal what exists. everybody does it. 'He names names. Famous names. 'They understand the value of money. And everyone likes to have sex with beautiful men. What is the shame? Society has a double standard, which causes women to be ashamed of sex, 'tried to convince the man to convince Jazz Egger.

'Most models have passed this stage. All of these model offices are run by hedge fund managers waiting for sex, 'says the man.

Jazz stays at her point. But she gets many comments from girlfriends. 'They told me about their experiences. It is sad to know that it is so normal and normal. Many girls do not get enough money for photos. And the offered are easy money. '

The model tells The Telegraaf that presumably also offers minors these. 'I know that. Girlfriends have told that. George never asked me about my age. It clearly did not interest him. '

Egger started a crusade to tackle the problems in her sector. She is now an old-fashioned, with seven years of experience. Earlier, she became angry about the lack of sleep, the attempts to make models super thin and the compulsion to get as many Instagram followers as possible. 'There is so much foul in this industry. I will do everything possible to improve that. Even if it takes centuries. '

Solid words. But how do you change such a million industry? 'Teaching people,' she tells this newspaper. 'I want people to ask critical questions. I hope that models, especially the minors, will not get any more questions to sleep with rich and famous men. It can be dangerous, especially for youngsters. I respect everyone, but think of models that do not enjoy having sex with strangers. It's for money, nothing else. How do you feel after such an evening? It can break you, I think. '

Jazz Egger also warns parents, caregivers, and others. 'The fashion industry should be a safe world. Those sex offers are real and they should not be normalized. 'Yet Egger also knows: it is rowing against the flow. 'It will take a while for these deals to stop, but now we have to be careful. Teach your youngest sisters, your girlfriends, your children. It's always better to be careful than unsafe. '

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