Owners Rovio want to sell half

Owners Rovio want to sell half

Tech September 15, 2017 07:12

helsinki - The acquisition of Finnish technology company Rovio, inventor of the popular smartphone game Angry Birds, has to yield current owners between 438 million and 488 million euros.

If investor interest is large enough, up to almost 55 percent of the shares can be sold.

Rovio announced earlier this month that it wants to go to the stock exchange in Helsinki. In addition, a limited number of new shares are issued. They have to yield about 30 million euros. That money wants to use the company to invest in new games, now at Angry Birds the new one is down.

Angry Birds was a big hurdler seven years ago. However, a structural source of revenue was not because players only paid for the app once. In the absence of a successor, Rovio subsequently saw a strong decline in sales. Recently, the weather is getting better because the company is now paying players a month.

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