OV fanatic steals bus for thirty times

OV fanatic steals bus for thirty times

World November 13, 2015 16:30

- A man from New York on Wednesday for no less than thirty times a stolen bus. Darius McCollum (50) rode the bus depot in Manhattan and then turns to go into Brooklyn. The man is by his bizarre thefts become a sort of folk hero.

The police had him quickly targeted by the GPS signal in the stolen bus. McCollum was arrested for the thirtieth time in 35 years. His first arrest was in 1981 when the man rode a subway with ease from 34th Street to the World Trade Center in Manhattan, when the actual driver was sick. Also, he once stole a bus full of passengers and drove the vehicle at the New York airport. ObsessieHet is a bizarre hobby of the 50-year-old McCollum: buses and trains to steal it then along road. And for that he hobby pays a high price. The man has already spent a third of his life in prison. McCollum has dreamed his whole life of a job as a driver. On his 8th he knew the entire New York subway system from his head, and as a teenager he often played truant from school to disappear for hours underground for rides on the metro. He became friends with staff of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the largest transport company in New York. They learned the public transport enthusiast how to drive your trains and buses. The boy, who has Asperger syndrome, an autistic disorder, kept very detailed notes about when. Familiarity Lori Shery, president of an organization that focuses on people with Asperger's, arranged a job at the train museum for the boy. But the attraction of the real public transport was too strong for him. Shery, who is also a family friend of McCollum, suspect McCollym enjoys the fame of his remarkable thefts. " I think he likes to be in the spotlight. He has become a sort of celebrity. " unsuccessful sollicitatiesMcCollum has repeatedly applied for railway and bus companies, but was never adopted. The man has already promised several times to go into therapy, but each time he finishes behind the wheel of a stolen bus or metro. Shery: " I honestly think that if an office really shows interest in McCollum and gives him a job in public transport, it will make a world of difference. "

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