Our pool also catches some rainwater

Our pool also catches some rainwater

World August 27, 2017 21:39

houston - 'It's raining, it's raining, it's raining a lot and sometimes it's raining a bit less hard.' The Dutch Annemieke Hollaar, who lives with her family in Houston suburb, has been sentenced for days to stay. And according to her, that is for the time being. 'Local media report Hurricane Harvey turns over sea and reaches the coast again on Wednesday.'

'On television, it's about 24 hours a day other than Hurricane Harvey and especially about the continuing rain. 'Stay home and stay the advice of the authorities,' said Hollaar. 'The Coast Guard sails with boats through the underground districts to bring people into safety. Many neighborhoods of Houston often lead to underlining streets, but now it is so severe that areas that were previously unaffected are underrun. '

The family has a swimming pool in which they catch a part of the rainwater. It serves as a kind of buffer. 'If it is threatening to flow, the bath will run out automatically and that rainwater will end up elsewhere on the street. In our house we are dry but 500 meters away is the water in the living room. '

'On Sunday morning, the convenience store was open and we could eat food: water, bread and milk especially. 'According to her, petrol is no longer available, but the road is now no option because of the floods and windy winds.

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