Opossum breaks in at liquor store is getting drunk

World December 4, 2017 11:57

okaloosa island - A possum that had crept into a liquor store in the US state of Florida, has lavished on the liquor there. The animal was stunned by the owners of the store next to a broken and empty bottle of Bourbon whiskey the day after Thanksgiving.

The News Herald reports on this. It took little effort to catch the drunk marsupial. However, some aftercare was necessary. The drunken little creature was in obvious condition and did not look too healthy. The owners of the liquor store then drive the beast over the carry to the care of a shelter for wild animals in the neighborhood.

The possum, or possum, was in a bad mood. 'She really lost her way, she drooled and looked pale,' said the nurse at the shelter in front of local media. The marsupial was then given a lot of fluid to wash away the 'alcohol intoxication'. Successfully 'She was the old one for a few days and she could leave the shelter', says the nurse.

For the liquor store it was the first time that a pouch put it in his store on a booze. 'There you have it; even animals are impressed by my store, 'he jokes.

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