OM: we probably deliver Saakashvili

World December 15, 2017 17:18

kiev - The Ukrainian authorities are likely to decide to hand over Georgian former president Mikhail Saakashvili to his former homeland. 'There is an official request from the country. We do not have the right to refuse ', Prosecutor General Yuri Loetsenko told journalists.

The stateless opposition politician Saakashvili has emerged as a louse in the fur of his former ally, President Petro Porosjenkovan of Ukraine. The authorities had Saakashvili picked up earlier because of allegations that he is involved in a criminal organization. The politician is now walking around freely because a judge on Monday refused to put him under house arrest.

Yet the legal problems of Saakashvili are not yet behind us. He is suspected of abuse of power in Georgia, which has asked for his extradition. 'Delivery is the most acceptable,' said Loetsenko Friday. The Attorney General did not completely rule out that Saakashvili will be prosecuted in Ukraine.

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