OM demands acquittal Syrian terror suspect

OM demands acquittal Syrian terror suspect

World July 28, 2016 17:54

utrecht - The municipality of Nieuwegein should no longer hybrids of shops and restaurants, such as barber shops where wine is poured, complicity.

Which has ruled the judge in Utrecht on Thursday. The Slijter Union had filed a case to put an end to these practices.

The hybrid is a test of the Association of Dutch Municipalities, who believes that strict compliance with the Licensing and Catering is not always practical. Donating liquor in stores remains a violation of the law, says the Slijter Union and the judge follows that reasoning.,, Only under special circumstances, the municipality may differ from enforcement duty ', 'writes the court, and that in this situation is not the case.
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The Slijter Union had earlier filed a case against the VNG result of the pilot, but pulled out earlier this month backed down. The court in The Hague ruled that the VNG plays a limited role in the pilot and that it is up to individual municipalities as to whether or not there to join. The judge then said that the administrative court had to determine whether participating municipalities acting unlawfully.

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