Oldest tortoise (186) has been homosexual for years

World October 19, 2017 13:45

st.helena - Tortoise Jonathan, with his 186 years oldest in the world, has been shown to have a gay relationship on the tropical island of St. Helena for 26 years. Being Frederica seems to be a male.

The overseer on the island thought all those years that Jonathan- with his 186 years he made the American Civil War- had a physical relationship with a female tortoise. Now, according to The Times, he found it wrong: Frederica is a male, but they had sex almost every Sunday.

Despite their sexual desire, Frederica did not get pregnant. After all these years now, why is it clear? Because 'Fred' was recently investigated by a vet, suddenly it became apparent that this tortoise had completely different female sexual organs.

The governor of St. Helena (tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean) had Jonathan already on his island, but discovered in 1991 that he became increasingly unwell, on his own. Veterinarians thought that there had to be a female. And so he received Frederica in 1991 a gift from the French consulate.

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