'Nurse killed 106 people'

World November 11, 2017 09:39

berlin - The 'horror nurse' Niels H. is suspected of killing 106 people in Germany, so the Public Prosecutor said. He is called 'the worst serial killers in post-war history' of the country.

H. gave people injections to let them get a cardiac arrest, and then reanimate them. 'I wanted everyone to see that I was a hero. 'The 40-year-old man received a lifetime for at least six murders in 2015, but his atrocities can be even worse.

In the first hospital there were statistics that showed that the number of deaths and resuscitation increased when H. worked. As a result, the nurse was broken, but he received a positive recommendation. In a new hospital everything started from before. Also there were rumors that many people died while he worked- but with that information nothing was done.

This summer it became clear that Niels H. was suspected of 84 murders. That number has now been raised.

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