NSA employee left swinging software

NSA employee left swinging software

Tech September 23, 2016 13:09

- That Russian hackers recently hacking software the NSA have been entrusted, is due to carelessness of an employee of the US intelligence. According to Reuters, the employee leave the software on a computer sway where Russians later got access.

The software, which include Cisco and Fortinet systems can be monitored, was put online two weeks ago by a group calling itself Shadow Brokers. Initially thought to be a new Edward Snowden or a Russian intrusion by the NSA. Investigators from the FBI two theories would have been discarded. A gaffe is according to the agents more obvious.

How exactly is the link between Shadow Brokers and Russia, is not clear. It is possible that Russian criminals behind the collective, but as yet the American investigative agencies of government intervention go out. Criminals had the tools not revealed, but sold that is the reasoning.

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