'NPO looking abroad needs better'

'NPO looking abroad needs better'

World August 10, 2017 07:30

the hague - In the Netherlands and in the Caribbean, Dutch should also be able to watch our public broadcasting. Now programs are often unattended and live NPO tracking is already impossible.

That's what D66-Kamer member Jan Paternotte says, which is a thorn in this practice. He found out, for example, that even on Bonaire, which is of course no foreign country and where taxpayers pay for the NPO, it is impossible for many to miss missed broadcasts.

The NPO claims that looking abroad will be opened as much as possible. However, some programs and images only buy the broadcasting rights for the Netherlands and can not be made available online for the whole world. Therefore, the NPO looks at which place someone is online and if the permissions do not allow it, a locked program will be locked. 'Out of the 70 programs we place online every day, 5 are blocked abroad,' says a spokesperson for the NPO. The problem with islands like Bonaire acknowledges the NPO and the organization is busy with a solution.

Paternotte wants to buy as many programs of broadcasting rights as possible so that they can be viewed everywhere, the current offer is too limited. In addition, he wants to watch online live to the NPO worldwide, rather than just looking back. If a program can not be broadcast outside the national borders, the live image must be displayed on black. 'Now only looking back is possible. 'And with current technologies and cheaper rates for mobile internet abroad, holidaymakers and expatriates increasingly want to see NPO across the country borders, Paternotte knows.

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