Northern Ireland political deadlock broken

Northern Ireland political deadlock broken

World November 17, 2015 21:00

belfast - The political impasse in the Irish part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Tuesday is broken. The leaders of the anti-British republicans and pro- British unionists have made arrangements for the resumption of their joint regional government. Which collapsed in September together after a lot of fighting between the two sides.

But the British minister for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers, said the agreement over " a new start " the regional government is good news for Northern Ireland. British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged Tuesday extra money. Ireland was the early twenties facto independence from the United Kingdom. The predominantly Protestant and pro-British population in the Northeast, however, did not belong to the predominantly Catholic rest of Ireland. They had their way with the secession of Northern Ireland, which is still controversial. In 1998 the republicans and unionists decided to bury the hatchet. Good VrijdagIn the peace agreements of the Good Friday of that year, among other things, that the parties share power and govern together. Terrorist groups that had been active for decades would be dissolved in the violent conflict. In September, nevertheless plunged the already difficult cooperation in the coalition government together when a murder was found to be a member of the Irish Republican Army, the main terrorist organization of the Republicans. Cameron has converted 715 million has been allocated for " new start ". The money will be used for " typical Northern Irish issues ". That is partly the removal of high walls that were put to separate the republican and unionist neighborhoods.

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