North Korean boats flood Japan

World December 6, 2017 14:18

tokio - In November, the Japanese coastguard found no fewer than 28 North Korean fishing boats that floated off the coast or landed on the beaches. Some were abandoned, others were found dead.

A year ago four boats were found in Japan in November.

In Japan there is considerable speculation about North Korean spies who infiltrate the country in this way. On one of the fishing vessels this text was found: Korea's People's Army, military unit no. 854. The authorities in Tokyo are not at peace because the regime in Pyongyang threatened to destroy Japan several times.

Yet more common causes are also being suggested: because of competition from the Chinese, more North Korean fishermen in the Japanese Sea are actively seeking to bring in as much fish as possible in the coming winter.

The Japanese are nevertheless not at ease. The government allows the police and coastguard to investigate the case thoroughly.

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