North Korea: we are not talking about nuclear arena

North Korea: we are not talking about nuclear arena

World August 22, 2017 18:24

amsterdam - North Korea will not negotiate its nuclear weapons arena. That's what the authorities told the United States on Tuesday.

The message was announced at a United Nations meeting (UN). Initially, Donald Trump was told to be 'top priority' to protect the US and allies from the 'threat' from North Korea. The US will use 'all possible means'.

According to North Korea, America is the offender. 'As long as the US continues to pursue hostile policies and nuclear threats, our country will never put the nuclear deterrence arsenal on the negotiating table. Neither will we deviate a centimeter from the path we have walked to strengthen nuclear power. '

The tension between countries has been high due to North Korean nuclear tests. Analysts of the US military intelligence service DIA concluded last month that the country produced a core head that is small enough to confirm on missiles.

Trump had previously responded to the threat with the now-famous 'fire and rage' ruling.

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