North Korea wants to know if Trump is really crazy

World November 14, 2017 09:15

washington - An American scientist who secretly has contacts with the North Korean regime says Pyongyang wants to know if President Trump is really crazy.

'They want to know if he's crazy or that's just for the show,' said Suzanne DiMaggio of Think Tank New America against Politico magazine.

DiMaggio had meetings with representatives of North Korea in, among others, Geneva, Pyongyang, Oslo and Moscow. This was mainly about the 'unrecoverable behavior' of the American president. 'They really want to know what his end game is. '

According to DiMaggio, the North Koreans began to discuss the problems Trump has with the investigation of possible co-operation with Russia in his campaign and the way he regularly handles Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson. They wondered if that was a game of 'good cop, bad cop,' she said.

DiMaggio specializes in negotiations with so-called villains, along with former diplomat Joel Wit, the founder of a North Korea website.

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