'North Korea now a nuclear power'

'North Korea now a nuclear power'

World July 4, 2017 10:24

pyongyang - Where the world has been afraid of washing for a long time, it has emerged: North Korea is able to hit any country with nuclear missiles. That's what Pyongyang officially announced on Tuesday morning in a festive extra news broadcast on state television, preceded by patriotic songs and images of different types of rockets. North Korea had launched an impressive rocket shortly thereafter.

'We are now a nuclear power that can hit any place on earth,' said the famous news reader Ri Chun-hee, dressed in a traditional pink hanbok, with a big smile.

Dictator Kim Jong-un would personally have seen how a launch- based on Pyongyang intercontinental rocket- was launched from Bangyon, near the border with China on Tuesday morning. After just over half an hour and over 900 kilometers, the Hwasong-14 collapsed near Japanese waters as planned.

Worldwide, with horror and great care, responded to the last test, which was not accidentally held this day. The Americans celebrate their Independence Day on July 4, and in the past, Pyongyang was more often on the same day with arms clatter.\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Photo: REUTERS

President Donald Trump, who will meet his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Hamburg this week, also contacted the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, also reacted furiously. 'Does not that guy have anything better?', The Republican tarnished on his favorite social media channel Twitter. 'I can not believe South Korea and Japan can take this much longer. Perhaps China is taking a heavy measure to put an end to this bullshit once and for all! '

China already has strict trade sanctions against North Korea, which has its main trading partner in the big neighbor, but if Beijing is willing to go much further, the question is. Xi does not want to risk being hit by the people in general, and also has serious criticism of the anti-racket shield installed by the Americans in South Korea, as this would only increase tensions.

The latter is happening at a rapid pace. Moon has not had a moment of rest from the northern neighbors since his appointment, while he was determined to enter into dialogue with Kim. In the five months he is in power, Pyongyang has already launched six missiles- a huge increase over the past. 'I hope the North Koreans did not pass the crucial point,' responded to a shocked Moon. 'If they pass the red line, it's impossible to say how South Korea and America will respond. '

The call for an attack on the regime, how complicated and dangerous, also sounds increasingly louder. George Friedman, a well-known geopolitical analyst and strategist in the field of international issues and conflicts, fears that there is no way back in the meanwhile.

'We can not afford the sacrifices that cause this situation' he takes a shot. 'The United States must neutralize the situation with strategic bombing. '

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