North Korea is heading out to ally China

North Korea is heading out to ally China

World May 3, 2017 17:15

pyongyang - North Korean state media have taken out to China on Wednesday. According to the KCNA press office, the relationship between the countries can deteriorate through messages in Chinese state media calling for stricter penalties for the Pyongyang nuclear program.

The message is striking because North Korean media generally do not criticize allies China. Critical comments from China seem to have shot the North Koreans in the wrong throat. According to KCNA, the newspapers they published are known as the Chinese government's mouthpieces.

'A series of absurd and reckless remarks are now heard every day from China. In the current bad situation, it only causes more stress, 'said KCNA, calling on China to think carefully about the' serious consequences 'of attempts to damage the relationship.

The Chinese government is in a spear through the ongoing Pyongyang nuclear and rocket trials. Beijing is formally an ally of North Korea, but is under great American pressure to use its influence to curb the nuclear ambitions of that country.

North Korea seems to see those developments with members eyes. KCNA wrote in the comment that calls in Chinese media to dismantle the nuclear program violate the 'legitimate rights, dignity and interests' of North Korea, which, moreover, 'never will be praying' for China's friendship.

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