Nokia sued Apple earlier

Nokia sued Apple earlier

Tech December 22, 2016 13:39

new york - The lawsuits filed by Nokia against Apple were in response to accusations from the US tech giant against the Finns. This writes the Wall Street Journal. Apple pitched Tuesday a case against Nokia because it '' excessive fees '' asked for the use of a number of patents.

Apple and Nokia closed in 2011 after an earlier legal battle an agreement which arrangements were made for the Apple-use of Nokia patents. It now appears Nokia has transferred five patents on so-called patent trolls. These are companies that attempt to do nothing but money from companies through which to sue over alleged patent infringement.

Apple writes in his indictment that is willing to take a license under FRAND terms, a meeting to ask for a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory price for patents on key technologies within a particular sector. But Nokia would with patent trolls have gone into the sea to pry more money from the iPhone maker. Patent trolls are not active in a specific sector and are therefore not bound by FRAND agreements. Apple wants Nokia no patents on key technology about may contribute to patent trolls.

Nokia claims in the lawsuits filed against Apple just that Apple infringes its patents and that negotiations on a license fee has gone on long enough. Nokia wants to be simply paid for the patents. The Finns have over the past twenty years, 115 billion euros in research and investment in the purchase of patent portfolios in 2013. NSN and Alcatel-Lucent spent in 2016.

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