No overt support jihad by gunmen San Bernardino

No overt support jihad by gunmen San Bernardino

World December 16, 2015 19:00

- The two gunmen early in December 14 people killed and 21 others wounded pronounced during an attack in the US San Bernardino, online have no overt support for jihad. That director James Comey of the US Homeland Security FBI on Wednesday.

According to Comey have Tashfeen Malik and her partner Syed Farooq only in private messages show that they supported the jihad and martyrdom seeking. The FBI director said there was no evidence found so far that they have openly expressed this support in social media. Comey pointed coverage of the Los Angeles Timeslast week that Tashfeen Malik on Facebook had expressed its support for Islamic Jihad, to the trash.Malik and her partner Syed Farook died during a shootout with police.

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