'No free EU market for UK and non-EU member'

'No free EU market for UK and non-EU member'

World June 27, 2016 11:06

- Britain will be able to get full access to the free market and non-EU member, unless it opens its labor market for people from the European Union. That prediction comes from the Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan.

The ruling Noonan is a response to a column by Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and one of the most famous faces of the Brexit camp. Who wrote Sunday that Britain will retain full access to the free market as the country emerges, without being required to provide anything in return.

,, The precedent indicates that this is not an option, but I understand why he says, even if it is contradictory. It is where he has campaigned, 'said Noonan.,, The precedent in Norway was when they were given access to the entire market, they also had to pay the taxes that other countries pay to the EU. They also had access to their labor markets. '
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