New York to the polls (live)

New York to the polls (live)

World April 19, 2016 21:07

- Will New York today embrace the 'own' candidates and indeed massively on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vote?

A victory in New York, the leaders of the Democratic and Republican party will give an enormous boost towards their nomination.

New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump, with his golden headquarters on the chic Fifth Avenue, the Republicans in the polls has a significant lead over his opponents Ted Cruz (a senator from Texas) and John Kasich (governor of Ohio).

Trump is very important to The Empire State, which runs from Manhattan all in drag to the Canadian border. The party sees the 69-year-old businessman not sit. If he wins in New York thick, it is difficult to pass him.

New Yorkers seem to have little to do with deeply conservative and deeply religious Cruz who at an earlier stage in the campaign have denounced the mentality in the city. The message of the moderate but colorless Kasich is moderately catching on. Many New Yorkers also have to criticize everything on the controversial statements of 'The Donald,' but it is and remains their city rivals. They think Trump still bijdraait once he has in the nomination of the party.

When the Democrats it is also exciting. Socialist Bernie Sanders (a 74-year-old senator from Vermont) runs quickly to Clinton, who with her husband Bill live in the wooded town of Chappaqua, an hour's drive north of the city. The political revolution that heralds Sanders wins the day in popularity, especially among young people. A kind of Clinton fatigue in the US seems to have struck. The former First Lady has therefore more difficult than previously thought.

Sanders has the disadvantage that in New York everyone a while ago had to register to vote today. Many of his supporters are people who vote for the first and go in protest against the establishment in Washington to the polls.

This includes Trump voters. His daughter and son forgot even timely to register as a voter.

The ballot boxes go to 03. 00 pm last night Dutch time close. On this website our US correspondent Herman Stam will be a live twitter feed to keep you informed of the results.

Tweets by @HermanStam

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