New rules for 'lava boats' Hawaii

New rules for 'lava boats' Hawaii

World July 17, 2018 11:51

honolulu - Sailing day-trippers must now admire lava flows in Hawaii from at least 300 meters away. The American Coast Guard has imposed new restrictions on skippers on round trip boats after an incident at the Kilauea volcano. A lump of hot lava fell on a boat with tourists, resulting in 23 wounded.

The boat provided a so-called 'lavatour', where the tourists from the boat can view closely how the lava flows into the sea on the far east side of the island. Such vessels previously had to keep a distance of at least 50 meters from the place where lava flows reach the ocean, but now the rules have been tightened up.

The skipper of the boat in question, the 'Hot Spot', believes himself to comply with the guidelines. 'I remember that we were about 200 meters from the lava flow,' said the man who owns Lava Ocean Tours. The Coast Guard is looking for whether the man indeed complied with all instructions.

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