New pictures of Nazi gold train joke

New pictures of Nazi gold train joke

World October 28, 2015 15:15

amsterdam - The mysterious pictures of the gold train of the Nazis, who last week suddenly emerged on the Internet, appear nothing more and nothing less than a gold joke.

This morning again appeared on the web photos. Then do the unknown photoshoppers exactly explained how the images of the train full of ' treasures ' on the computer have pieced together. The stacks of silver sandwiches are an urban legend. Frolic moments the brothers Mario and Luigi from the world famous Nintendo game from the wooden boxes on the camera.

The set made ‚Äč‚Äčlast week in Poland a lot of excitement. Even experts could not determine whether the images were authentic or not.

The Polish newspaper Fact24 went with the pictures along the National Railway Museum in Warsaw. There it was found that the Panzerzug the pictures very similar to a train that is in the museum. But whether " he was real or not, the experts could not determine, because the Soviets after World War II, many turned to the confiscated Panzerzugs.

Was also consulted a gaming expert puzzled, because he could see no typical abnormalities by photoshopping. However chimed in foreign exposure and the lack of damage and decay on the photos.

The joke is still unclaimed, but Poland is back on his head. Because the biggest news is that the mystery persists. The "gold train " which according to my experts pjoter Copper and Andreas Richter in a tunnel state at the Polish town of Walbrzych, after all, is still not found.

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