New iPad and Macs on arrival

Tech June 5, 2017 19:57

san jose - Apple announced a new iPad and new MacBooks during a presentation at its WWDC Developer Conference.

The new iPad is in Pro-line and includes a 10.5-inch screen. That's something bigger than the 'standard' iPad, which has a 9.7 inch screen. Like his Pro Brothers, this version also supports Apple's Pencil stylus.

For example, the device has a better, brighter screen with HDR technology subtitle to show more accurate colors. The screen works with 120Hz, which means 120 times per second a new image. This makes moving image flowier and also helps with the accuracy of the Pencil.

Underneath the hood is a new processor, the A10X. It contains six computing cores and is up to 40 percent faster on graphical level.

The already existing 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also getting an update. The new version includes all the small improvements that are 10.5 inches tall brother also.

The 10.5 inch version starts at $ 649, while the 12.9 inch variant starts at $ 799. Both are already released this week.

The Apple desktop, the iMac, gets a better, brighter screen. New is also the latest generation of Intel processors, Kaby Lake. The new iMacs also get faster graphics processors, allowing support for virtual reality glasses like HTC Vive. In the US, an iMac with 4K resolution screen starts from $ 1299.

The MacBook and MacBook also feature Kaby Lake processors, making them faster than previous models. The battery also lasts longer.

Finally, Apple provided some information about the new Mac Pro. The device has a similar look like the iMac, but offers a lot more computing power. However, this version starts at $ 4999 and is therefore intended for business use.

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