New conditions Snap Chat

New conditions Snap Chat

Tech November 2, 2015 15:45

- Photo Share Snap Chat Service, which send that to see his only seconds before automatically remove itself snapshots, users conditions have changed. New in the text include clauses allowing the business user photos can be used for marketing purposes.

Users of the service going by sending pictures or videos automatically agree to the new terms. According snapchat the data will be used for the improvement of the service, but the new clauses are well established very general. If allowed to use the company according to the text user photos or videos for "public communications " or allowed them to pass on to partners.

Snap Chat is not the only social media that has such conditions. Facebook and Instagram for example, have similar clauses and these have so far never sold photos of users or otherwise used commercially without prior permission. According to the makers of Snap Chat This is a similar situation and will use it only content that was already publicly accessible.

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