New accusation Dr Phil: Airtime in exchange for buying treatment program

World December 30, 2017 04:45

- Dr. Phil has been under fire since Thursday because he would have helped addicted guests to alcohol and drugs. Now, according to a shocking research report, he concluded deals with clinics: in exchange for taking a treatment program developed by him, he would mention their name in the show. This news also comes out via STAT and The Boston Globe, who did research together on the show.

Dr. Phil, or Philip McGraw, turns out to be the owner, together with his son Jay, of a company that sells the Path to Recovery treatment program. The treatment means that participants are dr. Meet Phil in a virtual reality environment, for example in a bar or backyard, to discuss how to prevent triggers for alcohol or drug abuse.

Rehab clinics who bought and applied McGraw's 'Path to Recovery' program received an offer for a coveted place in Dr Phil. There would be deals that are attractive to both parties. According to Greg Horvath, creator of the documentary The Business of Recovery, a documentary showing how clinics earn billions from the treatment of addicts, the newspapers say that it has a big impact when Dr. Phil mentions a clinic in his program. 'Compare it with Oprah who recommends a book; you immediately shoot into the stratosphere. '

In a statement from the show itself to the STAT and The Boston Globe, employees point out that there are only two out of twenty clinics that use the Dr. Phil, were mentioned in the shows in 2017. According to them, no promises are made to clinics that they will get a place in the program. The company that sells the treatment program, they say, is completely separate from the company that produces the TV show. 'Any suggestion that it appear in Dr. Phil is due to the purchase or use of his program is incorrect, 'according to the statement.

However, in the story of the newspapers, a client of the treatment program says that the sales manager from Path to Recovery, Jim Shriner, told him that simply having the program available and showing potential clients would boost revenue from his clinic. He would have said literally: 'It is our job to have your phones ring, the recordings will follow automatically. '

And that while the conscious program despite the good reputation of Dr. Phil, possibly not at all the best method that a clinic has at his disposal, writes the newspaper. Just to give an example: Dr. Phil mentioned in a recent show the clinic for teens, Inspiration for Youth and Families in Fort Lauderdale 'one of the best in the country'. Owner Karen Corcoran Walsh is a returning guest in his show.

Further research by the newspapers shows that the staff of this teen clinic has reported 180 times in the last two years to the police of teenagers who went missing. One of them managed to obtain drugs from the outside and a group of escaped teenagers raided a homeless man. A spokesman for the show told the media that 'no rehab clinic has a flawless complaints register'. The clinic itself has not commented on this story yet.

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