Never again without ink

Never again without ink

Tech June 7, 2017 13:12

- You'll see it. At the moment you need to print something important, the ink appears to be on the printer. HP now has a solution.

This has also happened to me more than once. I even hit the neighbors to print something because the black ink cartridge appeared to me to be empty. That was just a NS day card, but it will only be a school assignment. Then you have to go to the store with the type number to choose from the right boxes. The cartridges are not cheap, which makes the home brand even better.

HP is now coming to a new service to remove these inconveniences. Like a Netflix and Hello Fresh, you sign up for HP Instant Ink. This can already be from € 2.99 a month. For that amount, you can print 50 pages per month. As soon as your Wi-Fi printer finds that the cartridges are threatened to run blank, it sends a signal to HP and automatically sends a new set home-based. There are also subscriptions available for 100 pages (€ 4.99) and 300 pages (€ 9.99) per month. Not every printer is suitable, but an HP model purchased in the past two years should be considered.

Is such a subscription suitable for everyone? No. There are people who just print too little. But if you like to print pictures of the (small) children or if you have to print a lot of school or work, then it's worth considering.

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