Networking prey to claim clubs

Networking prey to claim clubs

Tech November 2, 2015 00:30

amsterdam - Dutch users of business networking site LinkedIn can claim hundreds of euros for use of their identity.

The case involves the 'Add connection ' function at LinkedIn by allowing users to view their e-mail address to fill in their address book who is a member, to then add them as a connection. LinkedIn sent between 2011 and 2014 non- users from the address book an invitation. That did not remain at one time.

Then, still sent multiple times reminders, containing name and photograph of the user who the 'Add connection ' function had tried.

In the United States were settled in early October hit with a claim organization. Users can win up to $ 1,500 for unsolicited use of their identity. For European users now beckons compensation.

In the Netherlands arrested Corpocon, an organization specializing in personal injury claims that gauntlet. People who have used the tool between September 2011 and October 2014, can register. " LinkedIn has those emails not only in the US but also sent in Europe," said promoter Orlando- Kadir LinkedIn compensation claim. en. "In the Netherlands there are over five million users, of which at least 40 % above the function was. " Kadir expects tens of thousands of entries.

According to Kadir LinkedIn has also grown so large by the spam mails with the photos and names of users in it. In the Netherlands, the increase of users was around 30 % higher by the 'Add connection ' function.

Linkedin Insurance Claim will be for a lower amount, averaging € 250 to € 350. "Here we often claim more realistic. Users can also join the American claim, but the fee is based on Dutch law. Because we are better at home. "

The claim is made on a no-cure-no-pay basis. Which leads to damages, this is 15 % of the claim organization.

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