'Netherlands country guide for digital society'

'Netherlands country guide for digital society'

Tech September 5, 2016 09:06

amsterdam - If the Dutch universities is our country ten years on the world map as a testing ground and model country for a digital society. The next few years attract universities jointly to shape this ambitious plan.

That made college dome (VSNU) is known, in preparation for the opening of the academic year for many universities Monday.

,, Our country can transform itself to live 'testing ground' which quickly learned how to best get new technology to the needs of individuals and of societies as a whole '', says the Association of Dutch Universities.
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According to the Netherlands VSNU has an edge over many other countries.,, Netherlands is a compact, highly developed, well organized country with excellent physical and digital infrastructures. The scientific research at our universities across the full spectrum of high quality: our country counts internationally in the field of information technology, but also medical, social, natural and humanities. ''

To give shape to the plan to join forces more universities in the field of research and to collaborate more with other research organizations, industry and government. There will also be invested much more money in the coming years under the umbrella of knowledge.

The upcoming digitalization that comes our turn society for major dilemmas, challenges and opportunities.,, Technological development can open pathways to more prosperity, health, welfare, safety and durability. But they will only do that if we ensure that new technology, people and societies reinforce each other. ''

According VSNU work all universities in the Netherlands participated in the plan.

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