Nepambassade US closed in Ghana

Nepambassade US closed in Ghana

World December 3, 2016 20:18

accra - Criminals have long decade nepambassade of the United States operates in Ghana. Unsuspecting travelers could travel there for thousands of US dollars and buy ideniteitspapieren of the employees, who would have spoken Dutch besides English.

The building in Accra did not suspect that it was not a real diplomatic post. There was a picture of President Barack Obama and the sales documents were genuine. They had only won fraudulently. Outside waved the American flag.

The nepambassade closed earlier this year by the Ghanaian and US authorities, according to a statement from the US State Department. The criminals could go about their business unhindered for a long time by officials to buy. They also got their customers mostly from abroad.

The authorities have claimed Ghana Business News arrested several people involved.

It is striking that information has been revealed about a possible Dutch nepambassade in the Ghanaian capital. There is investigated. Inquire at the Foreign Ministry shows that the real Dutch embassy about contact with among others the Ghanaian authorities.

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