Neighbors sleep again, mystery 'blue crosses' solved

Neighbors sleep again, mystery 'blue crosses' solved

World September 5, 2017 23:06

torhout - The Belgian Torhout is on its head since residents have noticed blue crosses on their mailboxes. 'We just did not barricade the door,' said resident Martine Lambert, who can sleep slowly again: the mystery has been solved.

On Friday there was a great deal of agitation when residents saw little blue crosses over mailboxes. Mysterious, because they were mainly signaled by natural stone postbuses. Residents thought that the crosses would be visible at night, in the light of car lights. 'A sign of burglars,' thought one.

The police joined. Then followed a search for the cause. Agents charge additional patrols. 'We were worried throughout the weekend,' said resident Martine Lambert against The Last News.

Eventually, a postman dared to come out: she was guilty. 'She placed the crosses on mailboxes, where she had to insert Visie's local magazine. That is not in the name or on the correspondence list. To remember the right buses, she put a mark on, 'explains Barbara Van Speybrouck of bpost.

The postal company will remove all the crosses.

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