'Nazischat found in ship for coast Iceland'

'Nazischat found in ship for coast Iceland'

World July 25, 2017 14:15

reykjavik - British taxpayers have said recently a cargo of valuable material- including perhaps even gold- discovered in a German shipwreck in Iceland. The spoil found in the sunken Nazi ship SS Minden could be worth as much as 100 million euros.

The ship has been on the bottom of the ocean for more than 88 years, over 190 kilometers from the Icelandic coast. After the SS Minden carried from Brazil to Germany in 1939 and the British received the SS Minden, Hitler would have himself commanded to sink the boat for fear of the costly cargo being discovered. Hitler wanted to prevent the loot falling into the hands of the British, as has happened now. According to the treasure hunters from Great Britain, there are as much as four tons of valuable material in the ship.

According to Iceland Monitor, the researchers remained vague about what they were doing when the authorities reached pole height. Because they did not have permission to dive at that place, the Icelandic Coast Guard had transferred them to the police.

The Advanced Marine Services has applied to the government to take the spoils to their own country because they think that belongs to the honest winner. But if that really is going to happen, of course it's only the question.

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