Nazi train; 'The tunnel is'

Nazi train; 'The tunnel is'

World August 17, 2016 11:57

- On the basis of the first excavations treasure hunters Piotr Copper and Andreas Richter assured the existence of a secret tunnel, where possible, is hidden the mysterious gold train.

The duo started yesterday with excavations on the outskirts of the Polish city Walbrzcyh. Together with a team of 35 people look them in three different places along the track at the height of kilometer 65.

For decades, the story goes that the Nazis here near the end of World War II have blocked an armored train full of gold and other valuables. The loot would have been worth many billions.
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'Our radar shows that there is a tunnel,' says Christel Focken. She is one of the people who assists in the excavations. 'Today we are going on the third place further digging. There we found stones, without stones no tunnel. How long it will take before we reach the entrance is not clear. If it takes a month we just continue to dig a month. '

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