NATO should not be set to play

NATO should not be set to play

World October 8, 2015 15:14

brussels - The international coalition against Islamic State (IS) in Syria should not play apart from Russia. Russia is working to position itself as a military power , but that we should not be distracted from our goal, the control of IS . That said Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis -Plas Chart Thursday in Brussels , where NATO defense ministers are gathered .

NATO is deeply concerned about the Russian action in Syria, especially after Russian warplanes twice last weekend from Syria airspace of NATO ally Turkey have violated. That is unacceptable, and we also clearly know the Russians. Accidents do happen, and could bring NATO and Russia on a collision course. We do not want. Moscow set itself according to Hennis so far not reliable and cooperative on. The British defense minister Michael Fallon said Russia an already very serious situation in Syria will only make worse.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO ready and capableĀ  to defend an ally Turkey, if that would be attacked.The alliance already taking steps to improve its capabilities, if necessary, to send rapid deployment forces to Turkey. But there is currently no question of actually sending troops, suggested Minister Hennis. There are plenty of other comforting measures. For example, Spain and Germany still Patriot air defense missiles stationed in southern Turkey. Netherlands Earlier this year, his Patriots pulled from Turkey.

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